Earth day

"Earth Day ou journée de la terre célébrée le 22 avril.

Les élèves de 6e ont contribué ''à leur façon'' à faire de cette journée un moment pour s'exprimer, informer et... agir."

Earth Day is Everday!!

They are some little things we can do to save our planet like:

  1. Do not brush your teeth with the tap on.
  2. Make a compost(you can plant vegetables and flowers and use the soil of the compost).
  3. Turn of the lights of the room you are leaving.
  4. Recycle!
  5. Use less plastic bags and bring your own bags.
  6. Don’t waste water.
  7. Do not buy things you don’t need

Eliza Marconnet-Kange 6e6


Ecosia is a search engine like google. For every 45 searches conducted on the platform, Ecosia plants a tree. They have already planted over 170 000 000 trees all over the planet. The most frequent area is Africa, where there are lots of deforestation. Every second, the number of trees planted by Ecosia is going up

Thank you very much and please protect Earth from global warming.

Jade Isabelle Chenglin Ker FIELDER 6e6

The Earth

Earth : I’m sick, I’m tired.

Moon: Are you fine?

Earth: No, humans don’t stop polluting me and it has been for years. They do wars, use dangerous arms and they created the Global Warming.

Moon: They don’t understand how lucky they are. They have water ,many foods, oxygen and a good environment.

Earth : Human! why do you hurt me?

Human : I ‘don’t know! I’m like this ,I do anything to have what I want. You can be sick or tired. It’s not important for me.

Second human: You are horrible, the Earth is our mother. She is amazing, she has a beautiful nature, huge oceans and everything we need.

Human: You are intelligent, you’re right!

Earth, I’m sorry ,I promise to be more careful and to heal you.

Today, is your day!

Earth: Thank you human. You finally understand!

Moon,You help me and for this thank you.

Second human: The Earth is precious and everything must be done to keep it alive.

Guechi Adem 6e2

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